Environment and Resource Consultant


Hayley has been with SMK Consultants since 2015 and is a highly versatile consultant who thrives in the dynamic environment and planning services industry.  

Skilled in environmental compliance, impact assessment and waste management, having obtained a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) focused in environmental science complemented by a Bachelor of Business (B.B.) with a double major in sustainable enterprise and marketing from Griffith University. This background provides a unique perspective in tackling environmental concerns from both a scientific and industry perspective to produce solutions that are both environmentally and financially sustainable.

Hayley has extensive experience in regional NSW, preparing detailed assessments and successful applications for large-scale private and public infrastructure projects including the development of feedlots, quarries, bypasses, and solar farms. As well as providing advice and services for dwelling and subdivision applications.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Business



Member, Soil Science Australia​

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