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Marie Duffy

Environment and Resource Consultant


Marie has 12 years of experience working in environmental consultancy and conservation across the private and public sectors. She joined SMK in 2019, after having moved to Australia from Ireland.


Marie obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree with a specialisation in Zoology, later completing a Masters in Ecological Assessment.


She has worked on a range of projects including wind farms, transmission lines and stations, intensive livestock facilities and quarries, preparing environmental impact assessments and ensuring project compliance during construction by providing developers with tailored environmental solutions to meet planning and regulatory requirements across ecologically sensitive areas.


Marie also has extensive experience in ecological surveys, including bird, small mammals and flora surveys. She supervised the Corncrake (Crex crex) Conservation Project for the National Parks and Wildlife Service in Ireland, overseeing the operation of the project while developing and implementing innovative survey methods and conservation measures to improve project outcomes.


BSc (Hons) Zoology (2006)

MSc Ecological Assessment (2015)


On-site Wastewater Management - Certificate of Completion (2019)

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