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SMK Consultants boast a team of experienced and dedicated survey staff that can provide our clients with a wide range of services.


SMK Consultants maintain a modern suite of equipment including electronic total station theodolites, GPS RTK system, computer software and hardware capable of producing high quality colour plans and reports.


Our survey staff can provide the following surveying services:


  • GPS Surveys including:

    • Geodetic

    • Mapping

    • Asset Recording

    • Photo Control

  • Full range of subdivisions including:

    • Residential

    • Rural

    • Industrial

    • Building

    • Dual Occupancy

    • City High rise

  • Site analysis surveys

  • Lot marking

  • Easements

  • Re-establishment of title boundaries

  • Lease and lettable area surveys

  • Urban design for new communities

  • Strata schemes

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