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Draft Border Rivers Valley Floodplain Management Plan Released

The Draft Border Rivers Valley Floodplain Management Plan has been released for public comment. The Plan will provide a set of rules and assessment criteria which will regulate the construction and management of flood works within the NSW Border Rivers Catchment, including:

  • The types of flood works that may be considered for approval;

  • Thresholds that will apply for the construction of flood works;

  • Standards for the impacts of the construction of flood works; and

  • Areas of the floodplain where flood works require advertising as part of the approval process.

The purpose of the plan is to:

  • Provide clarity for landholders about where flood works can be constructed on the floodplain;

  • Streamline the approval process for new and amended flood works;

  • Manage the passage of floodwaters through the floodplain to minimise the risk to property from the effects of flooding; and

  • Maintain flood connectivity to key ecological and cultural assets on the floodplain.

A copy of the draft Floodplain Management Plan can be viewed here.

SMK Consultants has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate proposed policies and legislation. We can assist in the assessment and the drafting of submissions on your behalf with regards to the proposed Floodplain Management Plan, to ensure that you achieve the best outcome for your enterprise.

If you would like us to assist in making a submission, or for further information, contact SMK Consultants on (02) 6752 1021 today.

2012 Flooding at Boggabilla, NSW

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